Is this thing on?

It’s been a very long time since I posted anything, in fact about 3 years. I doubt anyone is still out there, I wouldn’t expect they would be. But I need a voice. I feel I have no voice any longer. The sad thing is as a friend, I kinda am crappy. I have very few interests in common with anyone, other than knitting. And not one of my “in person” friends is crafty. They probably don’t have the time. I probably shouldn’t spend the amount of time I do on craft projects. But the fact is they keep me sane and I need some sanity in my life. The last three years haven’t exactly been easy. I won’t bore you with the drama of my so called existence, but I lost my mom in January and honestly it’s put me in a tailspin. She was the one person that I could always count on for a fun conversation, or an interesting conversation. She was probably the most significant and important person in my life, and she’s gone. It’s been a difficult thing to cope with. Especially with my other life stresses, which I won’t discuss.

So, maybe I should do this blogging thing again. I don’t know. I’m not really sure of anything right now. Let me tell you something more fun. So there are a lot of babies in my world right now. Several co-workers, and my nephew and his wife are expecting their first, a little girl due in December. I haven’t even started knitting for her yet, I need to soon but first I have to finish the ridiculous project I started for a coworker. And the blanket for the other coworker. But i’m knitting blocks for the entire alphabet. It’s been a fun project, but now I’m to the sewing of all these dang blocks together and it’s taking an eternity. I think I’ll never actually be done. I’m honestly¬†thinking of calling in sick just to get it accomplished!

I’m not sure what in the world ever possessed me to do this. But once I finish it, I can finish the other blanket, start on the projects for my new great-niece, and then maybe one of these years I can actually knit something for me.

I may be in the most grumpy phase of my life.



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