And so it was done….

I sometimes regret the projects I chose, sometimes because I bite off more than I really wanted to choose, sometimes in the end it’s because the item just didn’t turn out the way I wanted, sometimes I was just caught up in the cast-on moment. I feel that way to a degree about this finally finished object. It was fun, it was a challenge because boredom quickly ensued, and it was fidgety, and I really hate fidgety. But looking back, when I finish a project I often ask myself will I do it again. Um, Yep! It turned out so much fun, and the kids have already had a blast playing with their blocks which were actually made for the baby sister (due this week).

But on Wednesday night when I finished this project, the words above are what I uttered. Reading one way the blocks read the names of the families three children, on the backside is the entire alphabet. They took up an entire conference room table…and if you ever had any question about what city I work in, you now know.

So the end story of this post is knit what you love, knit what you want, but don’t be surprised if it changes along the way.


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