It’s official, I’ve reached my yarn limit.

I didn’t think it was possible. I really didn’t. But today, armed with cash in hand, I set off to the yarn store. They are having a last-four-business days of the year sale, and you got to draw a token for a percentage off your purchase. Excited all day for my lunch hour, waiting to what I call going to the candy store, I set off at lunch. The possibilities seemed endless. I walked in the store, the smell of wool, cotton, alpaca, bamboo, cashmere, silk in my mind filled the air. In reality it just smelled like a store. But still in my mind it was the smell of all the yummy fiber the yarn was made from. I started looking in the bins, checking out the shelves, looking at the samples. Oh Malabrigio, hmmm, I have a bunch of you un-knit at home. Next. Oh Scrumptious! Wait, I have 3 skeins of you at home. Shibu Knits! Oh how I love you….um, yep, have that too. Madelintosh. Yep. Dream in Color. Got it. Wonderland. Yep, got it. I did find a few brands I didn’t have. But I didn’t really like it. Could it have actually happened, could I actually have too much yarn! To much luxury yarn! To much cheap yarn! To much to much to much! I ended up buying two skeins of sock yarn, I have a ton of it, somewhere in a bin someplace. And I haven’t knit socks in ages, so I’ll make myself some socks, as I contemplate the fact that my life must be actually complete now when I’ve reached my yarn limit.

Oh and next yearn I’m not buying one skein of yarn!


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One Response to It’s official, I’ve reached my yarn limit.

  1. knittingdoctor says:

    I’ve gotten to that point as well. Monday will be 30 days without yarn shopping/buying. I went a year without any purchases a couple years ago, I’m going to shoot for that again this year. I could knit for another generation and not run out.

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