Apparently 2007 was actually 2010

After finishing the torturous afghan I moved to the next longest item in my Queue the Forest Path Stole.  I was shocked when I checked on Ravelry when I actually started it, February 2007!  I started the torturous afghan in September 2007.  Apparently this is the year to finish up those things that were started in 2007.  Of course the other 3 things in my queue were started in 2009 or this year.  I’m not really sure about the Great American Aran Afghan.  I don’t think I have enough yarn for it.  It may very well get frogged. 

Ahhhh lace

The Forest Path Stole really is quite pretty.  When I pulled it out of its bag I had a hard time figuring out where exactly I had left off.  Then I noticed the last lace square I had done was coming apart.  I’m still not sure why, I must have had a couple of stitches fall off the needle and it just continued from there.  But since its an entrelac lace design, I was able to frog the last square and salvage the stitches from the square before enough that I think I was able to recover without too much of a mess.  Although I must admit I’m a little apprehensive now about the blocking and wondering will my stitches come apart again.  I may vigorously tug at the tier once I get to the next tier to make sure.  Because why put in hours and hours of work if it will only end in heartbreak.  But I need to finish Tier 9 to really test it.  I can do about two squares a night, so it shouldn’t be too long before I’m there.  I forgot how lovely knitting with Alpaca Cloud from Knit Picks is, its so soft.  After tough Wool of the Andes my hands are happy.

Stealthy Dog

Django is glad the massive project is out of my lap, but he’s not sure why I have a new project that I yell at him everytime he surprises me with a stealthy lap visit. I swear he can teleport.  One minute he’s outside and then all of the sudden he’s in my lap tearing my knitting project apart!  Maybe I should put a bell on him.  Abner you can hear coming from a mile a way, he’s so galumphy, but not my Django.  I can’t believe he’s lived with us for 2.5 years already. 

The doll is also coming along nicely, I have the head and arms attached, although I’ve decided that when the knitting is all done and the doll portion of the project is complete, I’m goign to sew all the seams again.  As this is for a 2-year old, and I can just see the arms and head falling off.  I have one thumb, two legs, two feet, a belly button and a nose to knit of the body.  I was going to knit the one thumb and start a leg today at lunch, but I just got invited out to lunch for someone’s last day so I guess I’m going to do that now.  Oh well, the baby can hitch-hike with her other hand until tomorrow I guess.

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11 Responses to Apparently 2007 was actually 2010

  1. Robin says:

    Django looks super relaxed! The afghan looks great!! Congrats on a huge FO! Love the stole. I have that on my VERY extensive to-do list!

  2. Chris says:

    Oh, dear, so you won’t be finishing the 2009 stuff until 2012?! 😉

  3. Kat says:

    Django isn’t any different than any other kid. There could be no child around the house for miles until you put a drink down on the floor beside you, then three of them come running in at top speed directly at the glass on the floor. (Even if you put the glass in a place that no one ever walks, they will choose that moment to place their feet in that particular spot on the floor).

  4. Lorraine says:

    Rebekah- Typical kid.

    When I got on the phone, all hell would break loose around here.

    I don’t know that I would have the patience for that pattern.

  5. kathy says:

    Your projects look great! Your forest path stole is coming along beautifully. I hope there are no more hidden missing stitches.

  6. Jeanne says:

    I can’t believe its been 2.5 years! Time is flying so fast….

    Good luck with the lace – I really admire that you are picking up old projects – I just hide mine and hope that I never find them!

  7. Angel says:

    Oh man, I remember that shawl…. and the afghan! LOL! I am glad you finally finished the afghan- it is very pretty and I just love the picture of stealthy Django!

  8. Sydney says:

    Oh wow, has it been that long? Congrats on finishing the afghan. I have a few old unfinished projects I need to finished. You’re doing much better than me.

    The Forest Path Stole is lookly gorgeous!

  9. Brigitte says:

    Oh, I’m right with you on finishing the old WIP’s. Although whether they’ll actually be finished this year is another thing altogether. At least I’m interested in them again…

    Django is so funny! Very much like my Gandalf. Once minute he’s sleeping at the other end of the house, and the next he’s trying to plop down on my lap.

  10. fleegle says:

    Your Forest path is lovely!

    And if you think the socks are loud, you should see the tuxedo.

  11. Mr Puffy says:

    You really know how to lay the pressure on, I’m getting nervous for you – LOL Disconcerting to have those stitches just start to unravel…. make sure when you pick up stitches that you are anchored to a “stitch” and not an end that’s been woven in. I had that happen to me once.

    Now that’s a face of a cuddler 🙂

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